About Us

Rockos 24 hour diner
Rockos Diner is one of the last free standing diners in BC. We are family owned and operated and take a great sense of pride in being a successful independent restaurant in this time of franchised and national chains. We have served generations of families and always try and treat our customers like part of the Rocko family. (Even though the old adage some bring more pleasure by going then coming, can apply.)

We believe in value for your dollar and friendly service. Our staff are skilled and take pride in their performance. Rockos is the genuine deal, steeped in history with a nostalgic aura that gives our diners a comfortable easy atmosphere they enjoy. The charm of Rockos comes from the fact that we as owners and staff care. Rockos Staff

If you are ever in the Mission area and would like to step back in time and enjoy a friendly meal or a casual cup of coffee we invite to to join us at Rockos Diner - open 24 hours

An interesting note:
The fact that Rockos is free-standing has made it a popular location for the filming industry. Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief, The Tortured, Killer Amongst Us are a few of the movies that have used Rockos as a site location.

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